Anna Bailey
Upcoming Art Shows 2017

Junk Bonanza, Twin Cities MN April 20-22
Junk Hunt, Duluth MN May 19-20
Olde Depot Junktion, Brainard MN May 27-28
Edina Art Fair, Edina MN June 2-4

Heading 1

  1. 10/27
    Bulldog Pizza and Grill 8-10p
  2. 11/3
    Sir Bens Tavern on the Lake
  3. 10/20
    Sir Ben's Tavern on the Lake, 5-7pm
  4. 11/10
    Bulldog Pizza and Grill, 8-10pm
  5. 11/17
    Sir Ben's Tavern on the Lake, 5-7pm
song .ing
"to write and
utter words
sucession with musical modula- tions
the voice and

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photo credit: Kiley Marissa Photography